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great post. i could hit about 5 houses with a rock from mine, full of people trying to be Christ's transformation agent.
i think we give people hope that there is something to connect to...they know even when they are freaking out that there are these people and they know how to find them that will care and are trying to follow Jesus together.


I am quick to fall but slow to commit... the Pac NW has been my long-burning crush for over a decade, only recently reunited. The last year has given me, as Journey would say, "the joy of rediscovering [my love]."
I agree that parking it and committing to a particular area/community/location is of inestimable value, and I hope to make that commitment wisely.
This link is a shameless dig:
:0) blessings


Thanks Joshua :) Here's most of the series. I actually need to add a few more installments. :)

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